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As owner of State of the Heart Fitness, I would like to welcome you!  We are about helping YOU to feel good: feel good about your health… feel good about yourself… and feel good about your life!

We are a team of degreed exercise physiologists, certified personal trainers, and lifestyle coaches, whose mission is to help YOU achieve a life of optimal health and well-being through a balance of exercise, eating, & stress management.

It is our intention to assist you in making healthy lasting lifestyle changes, not just today, but everyday for the rest of your life!

Lisa Brisse, Owner & Founder

How do we do this?

Education - we not only educate you about proper body mechanics to make your exercise safe and effective, but we also educate about physiology - how the body works - including how stress, eating, & our mindset & attitude play a profound role in our overall health.

Empower - we empower our clients by teaching mindful awareness - to become conscious of the choices we make everyday and to take responsibility for those choices. Everyday, in every moment, we are all making choices - conscious or unconscious. These choices either enhance our health & well-being, or hinder it. Through conscious awareness, we are empowered to make better choices for ourselves and not fall back into unhealthy patterns & behaviors!

Inspire - We hope to inspire our clients in 2 ways: 1.) By helping them to see the potential within themselves and that it is possible to live their best & healthiest life! 2.) By living as an example. We, like everyone else, are making conscious efforts to live our lives in balance… to "walk the talk", so to speak. Because we recognize that we too have our personal challenges, we extend our compassion and personal experience as a way to inspire each other!




"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot be exerted, wealth is useless and reason is powerless."
-Herophiles, 300 B.C.

In a society that programs us to believe that our happiness comes from outside of ourselves, we believe the opposite… the journey begins within and in our health, we find our truest wealth. We believe in healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes and living with a strong, balanced body that allows us to live our lives from the HEART! We believe in achieving HEALTH - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - through AWARENESS.

Making and feeling the connection to ourselves and our heart on a daily, moment-to-moment basis is what makes our lives an ongoing experience of peace, happiness and well-being. By bringing mindfulness into our daily life - whether working at the office, taking care of the kids, or even driving in traffic - living a life of true fulfillment and joy can be achieved… living simply… one moment at a time.

Living our lives to the fullest means we live it with HEART. When we live from here, our lives transform from the inside out and the body reflects our state of being!

It all comes down to us… the time is NOW. The power is within. The choice is YOURS!

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When you work with us, you don't just get one, you get a team… a team that ultimately cares about YOU and completely supports you on your way to wellness. In fact, we don't just see you as a client, we see you as a part of our State of the Heart family.

Because of our education and years of experience, we specialize in working with people of all ages, fitness levels and health specific issues such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and other concerns. See (Health Specific Training). Our "team" therefore works and communicates with our clients' medical doctors, dietitians and other professionals so that we can provide you with the most comprehensive exercise/wellness program that suits your lifestyle and gets the results you are looking for.

Meet the Founder & Our Staff

Lisa Brisse, Owner & Founder
Gigi Sutila
Rob Robinson
Christina Privette

Brooke Overcast



Wanna feel like you're on vacation,
even a few miles from home?

Unlike most gyms with not much of a view or atmosphere to soothe the mind and soul, we are located in the beautiful Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean. One can't help but feel relaxed as you look out past the pool to the ocean, while feeling the tranquility of the Ocean Spa & Fitness Center.

In addition to valet parking, you are greeted with a setting that feels warm, inviting, and friendly so you feel as though you're on vacation, even a few miles from home. You will experience a non-intimidating, boutique-like fitness center equipped with top-notch exercise equipment, a heated pool and Jacuzzi, and locker rooms with a steam & sauna. Massages and other spa treatments are also available to nurture and enhance your overall health & well-being!

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Fitness & Resort memberships are available. For more information about the Loews, please view their website at: www.loewshotels.com




"They all bring incredible education and experience to the job. They always watch out for their clients to make sure we get the most out of any part of a program. Making life changes to improve your health and happiness may sound like an incredible undertaking, but isn't. Somehow the trainers help you make life adjustments easily - one day at a time - and nothing is overwhelming."

- D. Drake, Owner of DRAKES Carpet and Upholstery Service